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Que Te Perdone Dios

Que Te Perdone Dios
Synopsis and Characters

 Our story is about the story of forbidden  love,rejection,hypocrisy ,obsession and the massive cruelty that appears in the light of pretty faces and eventually consumes us. This is the story of Renata Riquelme (Irán Castillo, Rebecca Jones), a young woman from a wealthy family who falls for Pablo (Brandon Peniche), the foreman of the estate of her father. She knows it's a relationship that her father, Don Bruno Flores Riquelme (Eric del Castillo) will  never approve, and whenhe  learns that Renata is in love with Pablo,he threatens  to kill him, not knowing that Renata is already empregmented  with Pablo. Bruno wants to give Renata "s baby girl  Abigail (Zuria Vega) a decent home , so he asks one of his servants, Macaria (Sabine Moussier), which breeds Abigail as if it was her own daughter but not in a lovable and caring way. 

Abigail Riquelme
(Zuria Vega)

Young ,intelligent ,charismatic ,stubborn and beautiful supposed daughter of Macaria .She is very much in love with Mateo but is losing hope since he is a man that is not so free.

Mateo Dominguez Parra
(Mark Tacher)

A man that is honorable,noble and clear in his objectives . Aspires to become a neurosurgeon .
Is in love with Diana Montero,a beautiful woman unknowing that she is not so bright as she appears to him.Is also Fausto"s niece. No one knows the identity of his Father.

Fausto Lopez Guerra
(Sergio Goyri)
Is uncle to Mateo and possesses a cruel ,controlling personality and falls in a obsessive love with Abigail which brings him to do many dangerous things . Is also Macaria"s lover and Renata"s husband .

( Alejandra Garcia ,Sabine Moussier

A grand,hypocrite villian and lover of Fausto. Has taken care of Abigail as her own daughter but does not treat her very well. Would do anything to obtain what she desires,even sell her own  to the Devil.

Renata Riquelme 
(Iran Castillo,Rebecca Jones)
Is Fausto"s wife despite the fact that she does  not love him and was forced to marry him.She is also  Bruno"s daughter  and Abigail"s "godmother ".Hides powerful secrets that trouble her soul.

Diana Montero
(Altair Jarabo)
A perfect ,good looking girl with a great smile and charm on the outside,but inside a manipulative and perverse  woman who uses her sexuality to consume many of the unlucky,her latest target being Mateo .

Bruno Riquelme Flores
(Eric Del Castillo )
The man with a temper who rules the Riquelme  family with strictness and order.He is the father of Renata and goes to great lengths to protect his reputation.He gave Renata away to Fausto knowing that she does not love him.

Diego Munoz
(Ferdinando Valencia

A young ,handsome man with a great heart.Is Mateo"s best friend and in time will become one of his greatest rival "s  for the love of Abigail in which he is completely enamored.

Other stars include:
Alejandro Avila
Ana Bertha Espin
Manuel Ojeda
Maria Sorte
Ana Patricia Rojo
Rene Stickler
Laisha Wilkings